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In May 2023, the Russian main engine factory will visit and cooperate with the company

In May 2023, the Russian main engine factory will visit and cooperate with the company

Recently, Fujian Jinjiang Liufeng Axle Co., Ltd. welcomed a high-level visiting team from a Russian OEM. It is reported that the Russian OEM is in a leading position in the automotive industry and has a relatively high market share in the local Russian market. The intention to cooperate with Liufeng Axle Company this time is to jointly develop innovative and core competitive vehicles. vehicle transmission system.

The talks between the two sides started on the morning of May 5 local time. The senior management team of the Russian OEM first visited the production workshop and laboratory of Liufeng Axle Company, and learned about its leading production technology and comprehensive quality control system.



Subsequently, under the joint meeting of the technical backbones of both parties, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions, focusing on the design and development of new automotive transmission systems. Through the speeches and discussions of the technicians, Liufeng Axle Company and the technical team of the Russian OEM conducted in-depth research and exchanges on the technical difficulties and cooperation models of the new vehicle transmission system.

The professional technicians of Liufeng Axle introduced the company's main business, laboratories, technical equipment, various technical indicators and data to the guests in detail, and introduced the technologies of independent intellectual property rights, ultra-precision machining and vehicle transmission systems. Advantage.




At the end of the talks, the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention and signed a cooperation memorandum. The representative of the Russian main engine factory said that they were deeply impressed by Liufeng Axle’s advanced technology and innovation ability in the vehicle transmission system, and planned to further deepen the cooperation between the two parties in the future to jointly develop more high-quality independent intellectual property rights. transmission system.

This cooperation not only further enhanced the reputation and status of Liufeng Axle in the international market, but also promoted the development of the automobile manufacturing industry in Fujian Province and the cooperation with the international market. Further improvement will play a positive role in promoting.

Post time: Jun-12-2023